What Your Business Gets with Local Label

Local Label brings the experience and dedicated focus that you need to make branded merchandise a meaningful part of your business.

To successfully sell branded merchandise, it takes more than putting your logo on a product.

It’s essential to know which merchandise is good quality and which merchandise won’t reflect well on your business. It’s essential to know which production houses are reliable, and it’s crucial that you optimize your e-commerce page so that people find your offerings online.

All this takes experience and time. If branded merch is an afterthought that doesn’t get much attention, it’s unlikely to do well.

Local Label is your partner in every sense of the word, providing an entire channel of merchandise creation, e-commerce presence, customer service and help with marketing.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We design your merchandise based on what you’d like to see. We like to hear from you about your business’s ethos and the personality of your customers. This helps us recommend products that make sense for your business. If branding isn’t your strong suit, rest assured that we can still help you create awesome products. The truth is, if you have regular customers who come for what you offer, it means you have a brand. We just need to tap into what that is. 
  2. We create and manage a dedicated e-commerce page for your business on Local Label's website. With one click, your customers can link to your e-commerce page from your website, e-newsletters and social media. We intentionally keep this separate from your website so that you won’t need to worry about integration issues or maintenance. There's no work or cost on your part to have this e-commerce page running — Local Label keeps it updated and performing well. We can also get you samples of your branded products to display in your storefront so that customers can see and feel them in person.
  3. We're happy to help with promoting your merchandise on your website, e-newsletters, social media and any other channels that make sense for your business. We also advertise your products on our end, free of charge.  
  4. Once you receive an online order, the product is quickly made to order and shipped to your customer. When we say we handle everything, we really mean it, and that includes customer service. If anyone has questions or an issue with their order, we will take care of it.
How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing! You don’t pay a fee for our service, and you don’t pay for inventory because every piece of merchandise is made to order.

Local Label shares in your sales. This way, we make the process risk-free and cost-free for you, and we’re invested in your success. 

Get in touch at Partners.LocalLabel@gmail.com