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No inventory costs  //  Get your own e-commerce page  //  Let us do all the work 

If you’d like to sell quality merchandise that features your business name or brand, you’ve come to the right place.

When you partner with Local Label, you have a risk-free, cost-free way to create and sell branded merchandise to your customers. Our goal is to make it an effortless no-brainer for you.

We bring experience in merchandise, branding, marketing and customer service so that you can get started quickly and avoid common pitfalls that are costly and time-consuming.

You'll get an e-commerce page made just for your business, and we'll do the work of running it. Whether you’re interested in branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories or lifestyle products, every item is quickly made to order — so you don’t need to pay for inventory. 

Most importantly, you’ll be working with real people, not a piece of software. You can ask us questions, brainstorm with us, make special requests...all the benefits of partnering with actual humans!  

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You can also read about how it works if you'd like more info.