Curious About Branded Merchandise?

Here's How It Can Benefit Your Business

Quality, branded merchandise is all about making meaningful connections with your customers, and in turn giving them a way to share what they love about your business with others.

It gives you a way to strengthen and cultivate the customer relationships you’ve already formed, which is a clear win for your business.

When a customer buys your branded products, yes they are supporting your business with their purchase. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true value of merch. It’s everything that happens after the purchase that really matters.

The item your customer chooses is a way to show appreciation for what your business brings to the world, and it’s a show of support every time they wear that branded shirt, or every time they drink from that branded water bottle.

Which means, you're interacting with your customers even when they’re not in your presence. That kind of frequent interaction builds an incredibly strong bond. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself: Is it worth making merch for my business? Will anyone buy it?

First off, Local Label has created a risk-free, cost-free way for you to explore selling branded merchandise. You don’t pay a thing to offer branded products through Local Label — every item is produced on-demand and shipped to your customer, which means you have no inventory costs.

It’s also important to recognize that regular customers have a desire to support their favorite neighborhood businesses. It feels good as a local to tell someone about a great spot they need to try, and branded merchandise gets that conversation started. Word of mouth, word of merch! 

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